Xband Announcement: Very Important

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Xband Announcement: Very Important

Postby Xranger60 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:57 pm

Today, Rush6432 acquired a copy of the Xband server source code from a very generous person who was willing to part with it. Today is a very exciting day because that source code has been sought after for years. It brings Xband much, much closer to fruition and is immensely useful for the effort to bring back the original Xband. It is truly a great day for Xband fans and Rush, Warp, and Neviksti, who have put a lot of time into the project.

Just as exciting, Team LagunaKrazy has an Xband 2.0 announcement regarding their upcoming beta:

Happy Friday friends!

I'm sure you all know what the means. Happy Beta 2 DAY!
Most everyone expected this beta to support Mario Kart, and only Mario Kart.

But the good news is - We've been ''ON FIRE'' and it's not just our ''SHOES''!

So get out those dusty USB Controllers, and get ready to party like its 1995 - LITERALLY!

Not interested in playing? Join us in the midnight lounge on Friday and Saturday nights to discuss retro gaming with the people you grew up playing up against!

The leaderboards are ready to see some victory, and even defeat.

Watch this for when the download goes live!
Thank you for loving the XBAND as much as we do!
- The Xband 2 Development Team
Willing to play Bomberman, Duke Nukem 3d, Virtual On, Sega Rally. Send me a PM.

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