my saturn is scaring me...

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my saturn is scaring me...

Postby NWA » Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:06 am

Hey everyone,

i have a little problem thats making me worry.

i recently successfully completed a jp-us region switch mod on my sega saturn model 1.

after completely putting it back together, I noticed that the power button blinks on and off with the system turning on and off. a previous model 1 that died on me also did this :( but that one was already really rusty inside, the one i did the mod on is flawless.

it usually does it two times then the system catches on and works 100%, but its still worrying me. it also only does after it hasnt ran for more than 24 hours.

anyone have an explanation to this? I'd love to hear what everone's got to say :P
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