Sega saturn randomlywent back to cd menu during gameplay

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Sega saturn randomlywent back to cd menu during gameplay

Postby NWA » Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:18 pm

So today I was playing my model 1 saturn which has NEVER given me a single issue. From the moment I bought it, it worked. I recently got two games from someone, and they are really scratched. sometimes they dont pass the copy protection check and they just go to cd menu, but a majority of the time they pass it. I popped in mortal kombat 3 and played it for about an hour, I was in a fight, then all of a sudden my saturn completely stopped dead in its tracks and went to the CD menu screen, The cd completely stopped spinning. I reset the console and the CD wouldnt budge o.O. I then turned off the console completely and turned it back on, and everything was working again. It happened twice on the same day, and has never happened before I got those two games (panzer 1 and VF kids) I have a feeling these games mighta messed with my saturns laser strength (I played both of the games for well over 4 hours on end, and theyre REALLY scratched) What do you guys think? Should I be worried? Should I get the games resurfaced? Should I get a new laser? (p.s, after this happened i opened the system up and cleaned EVERYWHERE. the ribbon cables and everything. And my UMK3 disc is in great shape so that couldnt be it.) the system hasnt done this since I cleaned it.
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