Saturn S- Video mod

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Saturn S- Video mod

Postby NWA » Tue May 07, 2013 12:26 pm

Just finished up the s-video mod, and I gotta say, It's not bad. Not bad at all (Thats a refferance/quote to a certain rare saturn game, try and figure it out lol) The picture is much, much sharper, and is very satisfying. I had an old svideo cable lying around, so I just soldered it right to the board so Its not interchangable unless you soldered it off (I plan on getting a port later on and soldering that instead, the get some REALLY good s video cords.) I honestly just did it because I had the option, the time, and I accidently got rid of my AV cable in a trade. Anyone done this aswell? Thoughts?
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Re: Saturn S- Video mod

Postby Rogue » Tue May 07, 2013 7:06 pm

Well, I'm not into mods, and I have the official cables. It's really the best option for countries where RGB was never a standard.

In my point of view S-Video is the best option for Saturn and N64. So, you did a mod to achieve the best video output. It's really cool to explore it.

Another nice point of view is modding a good port for a standard S-Video cable, so you can get a better cable. Of course some good brand cable will be better than the official. Gold plated and better construction. But, keep in mind that the display also have a part in the quality.
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