XBand hosting

Former Xbanders on SNES or Genesis can get in touch with each other here. Also for people who wish to help with the Xband revival project.
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XBand hosting

Postby PRIZZA » Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:51 pm

I've noticed that the XBand revival project's official website keeps going under, most likely since no one wants to pay out to keep the domain name and/or hosting.

I'd like to formally offer web hosting for future XBand projects at my website, http://oneweakness.com. My site is a hub for classic game revival, where I re-upload lost Shockwave games and other internet relics, so I think it would be a good home for XBand and it's efforts.

I could do a fresh WordPress install or a similar platform for the XBand section, where I could make proper admin accounts for XBand revival devs so they can post new content as they please. The URL could be something like xband.oneweakness.com or oneweakness.com/xband, or whatever naming convention the team prefers. I'm willing to help customize the theme for the website as well!

Well, I just wanted to throw the offer out there. If anyone wants to take me up on that offer please PM me or simply respond. I'll watch this topic. :)

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